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Rates and Payment Info

“Investing in yourself is the best investment you will ever make. It will not only improve your life, it will improve the lives of all those around you.” ―Robin Sharma

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Private Pay?

Many people prefer not to use their insurance to cover mental health care. Despite the potentially higher cost to you, there are many advantages to paying for your own therapy. Confidentiality one of the biggest reasons. Read more below!

If I am not in-network with your insurance I am happy to provide you a superbill for services to submit to your insurance for reimbursement

Insurance and Rates: List

Initial Intake Session

$200 / 60 min*

Let's get started!

Our first session!
In this meeting we will go over your history, your concerns, your goals and expectations in therapy, and establish a plan for our work together. We will build on this initial session as we move forward.

Individual Sessions

$175 / 50 min*

Let's dive deeper!

After our initial intake, we will decide the frequency of our meetings (we can adjust this as we continue our work). Follow up sessions will be approx 50 min

Sliding Scale: *Limited availability*  Every individual has unique circumstances and needs, not only in terms of what they want from therapy but also financially. Contact me for more info about reduced rate sessions.

Discovery Call

Free / 10 Min*

Let's chat!

I believe that the therapeutic relationship is key in creating a safe enough space for change and exploration. This makes finding a therapist that is a good fit paramount. While this takes time, an initial call to discuss expectations and needs can be a good place to start.

*session times are approximate and can vary based on need/payment type

Insurance and Rates: Packages & Rates

Reasons to Pay Out-Of-Pocket


Though you are protected in many ways by HIPAA, people often do not realize that their insurance company is entitled to their private information and access to their medical records. Insurance is able to receive access to diagnoses, treatment plans and even session notes if they audit your therapist.


Insurance pays for sessions through "medical necessity" which is demonstrated by a mental health diagnosis. This diagnosis becomes part of your medical record

Less limitations/Surprise Bills

Insurance is not always straight-forward and transparent, and people's benefits change all the time. We can encounter session limits, weird parameters, claim denial, copays, deductibles and other potential costs that result in unexpected bills.

Insurance and Rates: List
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